AROMI are high-quality perfumes and oils based on French fragrances.


A business model is the sale of perfumes and oils by milliliter in refillable vials.

Perfumes and oils available to everyone. 


 - Over 300 own flavors.

 - 97% smell like famous brands.

 - Durability from 8 to 24 hours.



   Favorite perfume in a convenient format.







Business model


The advantage of Business model perfume is high quality and low price. Selling by milliliters and

in different bottles, we give people a choice to spend money on an expensive bottle or buy a

simple bottle and pay only for high-quality perfumes.

Perfumes and oils are accessible to everyone...






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For example

Market volume

The population of Russia is

144.5 million (2017).

The average salary

400 - 500 - 700 $ per month.

1 shop in Russia sells 75 pcs (100 ml) per month.

There are about 2,200 sale points in Russia. 


Video instruction: how the sale point works



Sale point -  Its could be a perfume shop or suitable expanding the assortment of a shop with goods for women,

cosmetics and perfumes, jewelry, souvenirs, a beauty salon. 

Recommended sales space from 2 to 5 sqm


Distributor need:

1. Organize: - a stock

                   -  sales office (min. 2 managers)

                   - create a website for the region (with our help)

2. Open own sale points for the sale Aromi by milliliters (min. 3 points). Points will bring in

    additional profit, help advertise a product and business model.

3. Concentrate on wholesales, attract small businesses to open Aromi points of sale.

    Promote a business model.

4. Followers distributor`s rules.